Missing Pets
Sadie - DLH
Last Seen: 66 Joseph St Tillsonburg ON N4G 5M1
Lost: September 14 1:00 AM

There are two important reasons to
license your pet with the Town of Tillsonburg.

1. Pet tags get stray animals home and reduce shelter stays.

2. Licence fees help fund important community initiatives.

The DocuPet Story

Pet licences are really important. When lost pets end up in shelters, those with licence tags are much more likely to be returned home. Also, licence fees help support critical community initiatives. When we learned that across Canada a mere 13% of pet owners license their animals, we found our mission.

Since 2014, DocuPet has created our solution to increase awareness of the need and importance of pet licences, to provide real value to pet owners, and to reduce the number of intakes for local animal shelters.

We've partnered with the Town of Tillsonburg to make every pet licence as valuable to you as it is to animal safety here.

With Your DocuPet Licence You Will Receive:

  • The HomeSafe™ Lost Pet Service
  • Beautiful Tags linked to a secure online profile
  • Perks for Pet Owners: Get $45 in Gift Vouchers
  • Thanks for supporting animal welfare in your community
  • DocuPet membership includes your Tillsonburg Pet Licence

Licensed a pet in the Town of Tillsonburg before? We should have your record.

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If your pet becomes lost, anyone who finds your furry friend can file an online report that will be sent to you immediately. You can also create a Lost Pet Report that will send a message to other local pet owners.

Need help? Call our 24/7 HomeSafe™ Hotline at 1-855-249-1370 to get the support you need to be reunited with your little buddy. HomeSafe™ is free with your DocuPet membership.

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City Tag

Beautiful Tags that Work for You

No more stamped metal tags. DocuPet tags are made of zinc alloy with an embossed logo on the front and your pet's unique code on the back. These codes are tied to your secure online profile where you can add additional photos, contact details, and care instructions to ensure your pet is cared for properly whenever they are away from you.

Got an Animal Related Issue? Who Should You Call?

Pet Licensing Issues:
Call DocuPet at

Have an Animal Control Complaint?

Get in touch with the Hillside Kennels Animal Control
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